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Always taking pictures of my food, no matter if it’s 5 star dining or fast food, has lead me to where I am now… with hundreds and hundreds of foodie pics occupying 90% of my phone storage. As half of me wanted to delete them and the other half scrolled through them admiring the good food I have experienced, I created an IG account. @LinnysLunchbox was created for the sole purpose of trying to make people’s mouth water as they came across the food I was enjoying, but over the years it has turned into an actual hobby.

I have learned that taking pictures of your food while you’re out to eat will never not cause people to stare and will 9 times out of 10 make your lunch/dinner buddy regret going out to eat with you. I have also learned it’s so worth it. Documenting every trip I take or just if I go out for a bite to eat with friends is what makes it so enjoyable- I love looking back and seeing a picture I took and remembering the exact event and who I was with.

As I began to venture out of my comfort zone and travel, not only within the US, but out of the country, I began trying more food and seeing new places. Long story short, I have fallen in love with everything traveling stands for- new foods, cultures, atmospheres, experiences & often feelings that come with just being able to live in the moment. Having a husband who shares a lot of the same feelings when it comes to food and traveling make things pretty easy too. He’s such an amazing photographer and catches the most perfect moments on our trips. 

Follow me, as I conquer amazing restaurants all over and click to learn more about the trips I have taken. My travels are also found on our personal IG pages: @LCeee and @jaybeeraw

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