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Things To Do

Photo Worthy Spots

  • Jones Point Park

    • This is such a neat park located underneath the bridge that’s right on the water. There is a huge parking lot right next to it where you can park and walk right underneath to the bridge. There are biking trails and riverfront walks available here as well.

  • Wilkes Street Tunnel

    • You can walk through this tunnel which leads you to the waterfront where there are park benches to watch the sunset on the water.

  • Airforce Memorial

    • This memorial is not located in the National Mall, but is off on its own. This means that it’s much easier to drive to and not fight for parking, as there is an entire lot right by it. You can park and step out of your car and are there within steps. Side Note- Dogs are not allowed here unless they are a service pup.

  • The Spite House

    • This narrowest house in America at 7ft wide and 25ft deep

    • This was built because the two neighboring houses were tired of noisy people in the alley and the horse carriage’s wheels carving grooves into their homes

  • Athenaeum

    • This is a rental space that has a gallery upstairs, but the outside pink building and large columns acts as a perfect photo spot

  • Tom Fruin’s Glass Structure

    • This colorful glass structure stands right in by Sisters Thai and Wooboi Chicken in ALX

  • Old Town colorful buildings

    • If you drive around in Old Town you are bound to run into cute and colorful homes that are jaw dropping and unique

Day Trips

  • Shenandoah National Park

    • Hawksbill Summit

      • Parking at Hawksbill Gap Parking Area

      • 1.5 miles out & back

      • At about .7 miles you will see a trail marker which you will need to stay to the right

      • You will pass the Birds Nest Shelter #2 and 500 feet beyond that is the outlook

      • To the left of the Birds Nest Shelter building you can also see an amazing view from the rocks, but sit/walk over there at your own risk as there is no railing or fence

  • Compton Peak- West & East

    • At .8 miles you will reach the trail marker where it splits into 4 ways

      • Continuing straight will keep you on the Appalachian Trail

      • Going right will take you to the West Peak, where there is a valley view

        • 2.4 miles out & back

      • If you go left, this will take you to the East Peak, where you will find Columnar Jointing

        • 2.3 miles out & back

    • Parking at Compton Gap Parking Area


  • Chop Shop

  • Sisters Thai

  • Wooboi Chicken

  • Yunnan By Potomac

  • Ada’s on the River

  • Sushi Jin Next Door

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