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California to Florida

Day 1

  • Fly from Fort Walton Beach, FL to San Francisco, CA and pick up rental

  • Lunch: Sushirrito

  • 16th Avenue Mosaic Stairs

  • Lombard Street


  • Bakers Beach to watch the sunset and take pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge

  • Grocery shop and get dry ice, food, drinks, etc

  • Stayed at my Uncles in Oakland, CA

Day 2

  • Wake up early and drive to Yosemite Falls

  • Stop at Tunnel View, a scenic viewpoint that shows all of Yosemite Valley

  • Park near Sentinel Bridge to see the Half Dome and Three Brothers

  • Set up campsite & eat lunch

  • Park at Yosemite Falls Visitor Center and head towards the Lower Yosemite Falls Trail

  • Campfire & Local beers

Day 3

  • Wake up early and drive to Sequoia National Park

  • Lunch: In-n-Out in Fresno, CA

  • Stopped at an orange grove along the way to pick one & climbed a sketchy rock cliff to see an amazing view

  • Start the drive up to General Sherman Tree (biggest tree)

  • Sunset in Sequoia looking over the mountains

  • Head towards Lone Pine, CA and check out the arch at night

Day 4

  • Wake up and head to Alabama Hills to see Mobius Arch

  • Drive to Fossil Falls

  • Lunch: Raul's Mexican Food in Adelanto, CA

  • Bottle Tree Ranch

  • Drive to Joshua Tree National Park and set up campsite at White Tank Campground

  • Make a fire and dinner before heading out for the sunset

  • Skull Rock before it gets dark

  • Hike to Arch Rock for night photography and to lay under the stars

Day 5

  • Sunrise at Joshua Tree NP at Cholla Cactus Garden

  • Drive to Salvation Mountain

  • Make it to Seven Magic Mountains by Sunset to pop champagne for Valentine's Day

  • Find a hotel near Valley of Fire State Park

Day 6

  • Valley of Fire bright and early to catch the sunrise at Elephant Rock

  • Park in Parking Lot #3 and hike the Fire Wave Trail

  • Drive to Zion National Park and do Canyon Overlook Trail (medium)

  • Drive to Horseshoe Bend and find a nearby hotel

Day 7

  • Sunrise at Horseshoe Bend

  • Drive to Lower Antelope Canyon and do the Photography Tour

  • Drive straight to South Rim Grand Canyon

  • Find a hotel near Monument Valley

Day 8

  • Monument Valley for Sunrise

  • Drive to Albuquerque, NM and walk around downtown

  • Lunch in ABQ

  • Roswell, NM

  • Hotel in Amarillo, TX

Day 9

  • Cadillac Ranch

  • Fort Worth, TX to meet family

  • Austin, TX to meet a friend at the bars

  • Pull an all-nighter and head home to get the rental car home on time

  • **WE DID IT**

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