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Things To Do

Touristy Things

  • The Bean (Cloud Gate):

    • at the center of AT&T Plaza at Millennium Park

    • this is a public sculpture that you are able to walk right up to

    • no fee is required

    • if you want to avoid the crowd:

      • try going fairly early or later in the evening

      • try going during the weekdays

  • Skydeck Chicago

    • hours: open from 9a-10p

    • going during the weekdays helps with avoiding the long lines

    • you can buy tickets advanced online which will help avoid one of the lines

      • ticket prices: $23.50

    • time limits

      • 3 or less people: you will have a maximum of 60 seconds per party

      • 4 or more people: you will have a maximum of 90 seconds per party

      • When I went it was really slow and only 3 other people in line so they let us go to the end again and we got as many attempts as we wanted

        • This is something they might only allow when it’s slower but it’s always worth asking and it also depends if you want to wait in a longer line

      • having your picture ideas ready to go will help with the pressure of them watching their clock

  • Wndr Museum

    • they are open Wednesday-Sunday

      • I would always check Google for hours of operation

    • buy tickets online in advanced

      • this will allow you to go right in and not have to buy it with them in the museum

      • general admission ticket amount: $32

    • they have free lockers that you can put your stuff in while you walk around

    • try going during the weekdays and at oddball hours

      • when we went it was around 10:30a-11a and then it started getting busier around 12p-1p

    • once you’re inside you will walk around like one giant maze and take pictures at each exhibit

    • although there isn’t a set time for each room, there are people behind you waiting on you in the line

      • if you want to take a little more time you can always let them go ahead and go back in afterwards

    • the Infinity Room is at the very end and you will have 30 seconds in the room

      • you will most likely be with a group of people, but if it's slower you might luck out and just be you and your friends​

Fun Night Out

  • Homeslice Wheel House:

    • we actually went here not realizing that it was associated with Paradise Park​​

      • Same food and drink menu​
    • they have big tables and small high tops and it turns into a full bar at night
    • it's got eclectic decorations throughout the entire place- inside and out
      • when it's cold their outside patio is enclosed so you don't have to worry about it being freezing​
  • Paradise Park:
    • another great spot that is decorated perfectly​
    • it has christmas lights everywhere, neon signs and little sections that have their own theme
      • these are first come first serv​e
      • if these are taken you can put your name on the list for regular or high top tables, as well as just sitting at the bar and grabbing a drink

Chicago Style Pizza

Let's talk Deep Dish pizza!! Only having a few days to explore their pizza selections, I had to pick from what I heard was the best Chicago Style Pizza. I definitely plan on being back and trying even more, but these are the 3 I tried:

  • Giordano's: they have tons of locations so I am sure you can find one close to you

    • this was my first stop to try Deep Dish Pizza for the first time ever

    • because I am a New York Style Pizza gal, my first take was this was A LOT of cheese and the crust was a little soggy for my taste

  • Lou Malnati's: again, a crazy amount of locations so should be simple to locate one near where you are staying/exploring​

    • this is one of Giordano's main competitors

    • this was hands down my favorite between the two and completely changed my mind about how I felt about Deep Dish​

      • they have a buttery, crunchy crust that really sets off the entire meal

    • if you only have time for one, I would suggest this spot

  • Paradise Park/Homeslice Wheel House: remember that these are two separate locations with the same menu

    • this wasn't deep dish and just a regular style pie, which after 2 days of deep dish was a nice change of pace

      • as much as I enjoy cheese, the deep dish ratio of sauce to cheese is just a little off for my pizza taste buds

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