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Things To Do

Deep Ellum

This is a fun area with wall graffiti (and who doesn’t love a good photo op) that has great food and drink options and always something going on like bar crawls, art installations or local art markets. Some of my favorite spots are:

  • Stirr

    • brunch and bottomless mimosas​

  • Emporium Pies


  • Off the Record

    • vinyl store with a bar inside​

  • Select Start Arcade & Bar

    • arcade with adult CapriSuns​

  • Picolé Pops

    • Alcoholic Popsicles​

  • The Traveling Man (there are 3 different installations in the area):

    • Awakening:​ 2605 Elm Street Dallas, TX

    • Waiting on the Train: on the corner of N Good Latimer Expressway & Gaston Avenue

    • Walking Tall: on the corner of N Good Latimer Expressway & Miranda Street

Bishop Arts District

Another fun artsy area, with an entire strip of coffee shops, yummy food, vintage stores and more. Some of my favorites are:

  • La Reunion Coffee Shop

  • Emporium Pies

  • Tejas (Mexican Restaurant)

  • Magic Hour Shop

  • Spinster Records

  • Merry Christmas You Filthy Animal sign

    • On the side of Eno’s Pizza Tavern’s wall​

  • Besos Papi sign

    • On the side of Coco's Fire & Ice wall​

Day Trip to Fort Worth, TX

  • Buon Giorno Coffee

  • Burnett Park

    • Man With a Briefcase sculpture​

  • Fort Worth Water Gardens

    • Free admission but they do have hours​

    • You can walk down into the area with water and admire it right from the center

Thanksgiving Square

Although this just seems like a typical park, if you walk inside the main building, you will quickly see that it is more than that. It is a place for reflection and a place to say “thank you”. Although, it is free of admission, donations are always welcomed and there is a box where you can drop money in, right when you walk in.


  • The Modern Art Museum

  • Sweet Tooth Hotel: Although this isn’t technically a museum, this is a great place to check out cool themed art installations. They always change what they have in there every so often and tickets are sold online. You have to buy a time slot, so my advice is to always arrive a little early so you get the full amount of time. If you get there late they don’t let you stay in longer to make up for it.

  • Not Pictured:

    • Dallas Museum of Art

    • Psychedelic Robot

Holiday Things

  • ICE!- this is located in Grapevine, TX and each year is a different theme. They give you a thermal jacket, but I suggest also dressing warm on your own and bring things like a beanie, gloves and wear closed toed shoes. The year that I went the theme was ‘Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town!’ and everything on the inside is sculpted and made with ice portraying different scenes, based off of the theme.

  • Miracle Pop Up: if you go to their website you can click their location map and see if there is one near you. There happened to be on in Deep Ellum when we were visiting and I absolutely love this idea of bringing bars all over the country together by sharing a cocktail menu. I also really love seeing how each bar decorated their insides with lights all over and hanging gifts from the ceiling. If possible, I highly recommend stopping in one when you have the chance.

  • Not Pictured:

    • Galleria Dallas: indoor ice skating rink and huge Christmas tree

    • Holly Jolly Pop Up

Random Things

  • Topgolf

  • Skyline Views

    • North Edge Field Ave (pictured below)

    • Ronald Kirk Bridge

      • A pedestrian bridge that connects Downtown Dallas to West Dallas

      • It has a great view of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge with the downtown skyline in the background

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