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Things To Do

Random Things

  • Ashley Longshore Gallery

    • This is a crazy cool gallery that has wild art inside. It’s free of charge but check the hours on the day you are planning to go. You walk up and ring the door bell and someone from the back will come and let you in. All of the art is glittered and bejeweled and I don’t think I stopped smiling the entire time I was inside. We even got to see some of the workers in the back in the process of creating their next masterpiece.

  • American Horror Story Mansion from Coven

    • This is something that is more interesting to those that have watched the AHS show, because other than that, you are just looking at a historical house through the gate. I love that the main houses used in all of the AHS storylines are all over the US and I eventually would love to be able to see them all.

Bar Hopping

  • Bourbon Street

    • This entire strip is filled with bars, bars and more bars. You can walk in anywhere you want and most of them have a second floor with a balcony that you can stand on, with a view of the street. My favorite part about this city is that you can walk along the streets with open containers and can take one drink around while you check everything out and bar hop.

    • Drinks you must get while here:

      • Hand Grenade from Tropical Isle: this is the neon drink that you will see everyone carrying. I always underestimate how effective this drink truly is.

      • Huge Ass Beer: you can get beers in plastic booty cups, beers in containers the size of your arm, etc.

  • Frenchman Street

    • While Bourbon Street is more for the tourists, this area is where the locals typically go. It’s a slightly less aggressive version of Bourbon, plus all of the great things that truly make NOLA great, such as the music and food.


  • This is mainly what has brought me to NOLA so many times, so when we have the chance to explore the day before or after the event, I try and venture out as much as possible. Some of the festivals I've been to:

    • Voodoo

    • Buku

    • New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

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